Why we’re adopting a black child.

The Art of Leading

In typical sedated American culture fashion, important issues aren’t discussed until necessary.  And by necessary, I mean until tragedy strikes.  We don’t discuss policy reforms, until well into a recession.  We don’t wrestle with food standards until our half of our country’s children are obese and we certainly don’t readdress issues such as race in this supposedly post-racial culture until someone is killed.

For many of us in 2012, the concept of racism in America is one of distant memories and faded black and white pictures. Images of civil rights marches and film clips from The Help may be a blip on the radar of our subconscious, but for the most part we live and interact with other races as though racism, for all intents and purposes has run it’s course.  For others they live with the ever present reality that the tone of their skin constitutes unwarranted suspicion and…

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