Steve Biko – THE INQUEST (Part 1)

The inquest of Steve Biko was not simply an exceptional event; it was, in a sense, a revelation of racism, of the way it has distorted ordinary people, and the way it has destroyed all morality and decency in a rich and beautiful country.


personnel at the Inquest

State Prosecutor

Mr. K. von Lieres

Presiding Magistrate 

Mr. Marthinus Prins, assisted by Professor I.  Gordon of the Natal University Medical School, and Professor J. Oliver o f the University of the Orange Free State Medical School

Counsel for Biko Family

Mr. Sydney Kentridge, assisted by  Mr. E. Wentzel and Mr. G. Bizos

Counsel for the police

Mr. Retief van Rooyen, assisted by Mr. J. M. C. Smit

Counsel for the Doctors

Mr. B. de V. Pickard, assisted by Dr. Marquard de Villiers

Police Witnesses

Colonel Pieter Goosen, Chief of the Security Police in the Eastern Cape Major Harold Snyman, leader of the day interrogation Team of whom the four other members were:

Captain D. P. Siebert

Warrant Officer Marx

Warrant Officer Beneke

Detective Sergeant Nieuwoudt

Lieut. E. Wilken (security    police)

Warrant Officer Fouche

Sgt. P. J. Van Vuuren


Dr. Ivor Lang, district surgeon

Dr. B. J. Tucker, chief district surgeon

Dr. C. Hersch, consultant

Dr. van Zyl district, surgeon Pretoria


Dr. Loubser, state pathologist Dr. Gluckman, for Biko family Professor I. Simpson Professor Proctor

Police Investigating Officer

Gen. Kleinhaus




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