A 13-Year-Old’s Slavery Analogy Raises Some Uncomfortable Truths in School – Education – GOOD

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“13-year-old Jada Williams’ essay compared Douglass’ story about being kept from reading with her experience in a struggling school.”

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my thoughts: at thirteen years of age, i didn’t have the same courage that thirteen year old, Jada Williams, has. and when it came to writing essays for school, i hated it. i didn’t have Frederick Douglas’ challenging material to read from, think about or write opinion pieces about and i don’t believe i would’ve out given as much thought to it as she did. 

this young girl displays the kind of critical thought and eloquence that many of us, even double her age, struggle with. her reasoning maybe flawed (personally, i don’t think it’s flawed) or she maybe not done enough thorough research to give a comparative and balanced report (dammit she’s thirteen and was only required to give her opinion on the book she read) but the anger and hate that she has been met with is unwarranted.

as a thirteen year old, she deserves, congratulations for such a brilliant essay, for reading Douglas’ work and being capable of doing more than a superficial report on it. she deserves to be engaged fully, encouraged as a shining example. she has taken her school work seriously and isn’t just a puppet. many people are bugging out over the fact that she refers to white teachers. these same people are ignoring the fact that she is only referring to her experience and not generalising her experience. she is being taught by white teachers.

ironically, the way that her essay has been received by her teachers proves the Douglas quote she referenced and proves her opinion that when a black person has too much learning the black person will becoming unkeepable. they didn’t submit her essay for the competition and then proceeded to villify and force her out of school. 

it’s such a shame because not only are they proving to her that white teachers do not want to teach black students but they are also telling her that if she has an opinion about anything she should keep it to herself, otherwise she will be crucified for it. 

the people that are angry about this essay, calling her racist (refer to the comments after the post) and accusing her of not writing a more objective essay, are ganging up on a thirteen year old whose showing remarkable intelligence. they should be supporting and nurturing and encouraging to do even better in the future.

how many of us could write with such skill at thirteen and be balanced and objective? the educators and adults in this situation are failing this kid terribly. and if they ignore the valid points that she brings up in her essay they are continuing to fail all of Williams’ peers. fact is, most of the students suffering under disinterested unmotivated teachers are black.

here’s the link to the essay: http://www.fdfny.org/blog/2012/03/20/jada-williams-essay-and-video

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