Racism: THE BIG FOUR (Part 2)

“This is the second part of this post.

I’m going to go ahead and skip The RacIST Conversation because I believe this is one that everyone understands without question.

The RacIAL Conversation. Because it is in the forefront of so many people’s minds, I am going to continue to use the Trayvon Martin murder as the example. Many people (including myself) believe this was a racially motivated homicide. Whether true or not, the amount of information being brought forth continues to support this theory. This is not the sole reason that this topic is a “Racial Conversation.” There are plenty of people who do not believe that this was a racially motivated situation. No matter what side you fall on, you can agree that race IS part of the conversation. Those that don’t agree that it was racially motivated are still talking about race in order to deny that it was the cause. Race is part of the conversation.

Now, where this gets tricky, is when you are in a conversation on this topic but you are not SPECIFICALLY talking about race. The conversation does not stop being about race. If you talk about the clothing worn, race is still a factor whether you verbalize it or not. If you talk about the location of the shooting but never mention race, race is still a part of the conversation, Etc. This can be confusing to a certain type of person who only sees “Racism” or the “RacIST conversation” as previously defined. When they aren’t specifically talking about race, they don’t believe race is a factor. These will be the people who will say “It’s not about race” no matter how much evidence you show them to the contrary. This is a difficult concept to get if you aren’t actively trying to understand it. The problem is, if you aren’t actively trying to understand it, you are likely doing, acting and being a racist.

The Systematic Racism in a Conversation. This is where people got the term “White tears” from. You see this when, for example, a white woman says something really shitty to a Black woman. It doesn’t even (in theory) have to be a racist statement. She can just be a total dick to the Black woman. Now, the Black woman get’s upset and says something angry back to the white woman. The white woman gets upset and is then comforted while the Black woman is seen as mean, angry and the “Aggressor.” This is systematic racism. It doesn’t matter what the white woman said. It matters that she said something shitty, the Black woman defended herself and when the white woman got upset, it was her that got comforted and seen as “The victim.”

We see this here on Tumblr every day. Sometimes, hourly. The two most common that I have personally seen are white Person A says something horrible. Brown Person B defends themselves. White Person A fights back. Brown Person B fights back. White Person A get’s embarrassed and immediately claims either that they are being bullied or that they have been “Triggered.” The second is the more pitiful version of making yourself the victim. We see this when people say something shitty, then get called on it, then reply with something like “Fine then, next time I just won’t say anything. So much for Freedom of Speech.”

In both cases, this is emotional terrorism. This is manipulative and unacceptable behavior. This is a problem and yes this is part of a systematically racist country. However, more often than not, it is the outsiders that show the symptoms more than those involved. Those that defend the white person over the Black person when they are either equally at fault or worse when the white person actually attacked the Black person first. This is common. This is unacceptable.

There are so many parts to this particular conversation that I could never list them all. Another scenario that I would like to touch on is the “Speak & Speak Over.” I really don’t know what else to call this phenomena. This is when Brown person A says something on ANY topic, racial or otherwise. Brown person A get’s minimal response. White person B says the exact same thing, sometimes re-worded, sometimes not, and get cheers and adulation. This is what I mentioned in the previous post about the white person’s words being held in a higher regard. This is, unfortunately, also very common.

The Combination. This one get’s made smaller than it is with comments of “You’re making it about you.” Yes, that is ultimately what is happening but it runs so much deeper. This is where a person is most likely to be accused of being a Sociopath. Sadly, the term is an accurate one. In order to perpetrate this level of narcism, you have to believe that your OPINION is more important than an entire group’s actual FEELINGS. You have to believe that your voice is far better sounding than that of every single person in an entire group’s voices and you have to believe that your opinion is so grand that it should be heard and discussed above all others. This is a problem. There is a lack of humanity in this thinking. To add insult to injury, this is probably one of the most common things we experience on a daily basis.

A live action version of “The Combination” would go like this: Four people are inside of room that is on fire. Their skin is burning off of their bodies. They are screaming in pain. You walk in, see them crying, hear them screaming and you say “You guys are so loud. You aren’t the only one’s who have been burned, you know. I know what it feels like too. I touched a hot pot once.”

Don’t be this person. Ever.”

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