Ally: Fashionable/Foe

There is no reason to beat around the bush on this one. If you prove to be a “Fashionable Ally” I will actively work against you. I will encourage other people to actively work against you. To expose you for what you are.

You are a danger. You are a danger to any cause you claim to be working for. You are a danger to any community you claim you are an ally to. You are a danger to all that anyone is trying to accomplish in terms of justice. You are a danger. I have no respect for you. I don’t like you.

To be a “Fashionable ally” is to be an ally for your own recognition. These are the people who proclaim their status before even telling you their names. These are people who run Social Justice blogs but don’t have a consistent message. These are people who go to the march only to have their pictures taken so they can show that they were there. ‘Cause obviously they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t in it for the right reasons.

To be a “Fashionable ally” is to be a foe. You have no convictions. You have no reason to learn more or continue the fight. This act is about you not the community. You have no real ground to stand on, nor do you want to. You will move on to the next “Issue” when your current one isn’t getting you the attention you think you deserve. You will lie to them like you lie to everyone else. You will say that you’ve “Always cared about blah blah blah.” You will do a quick Google search and name off a couple of authors of books that the “In the know” people read…or so you’ve heard.

More than any of the above, my personal reason for seeing you as a despicable human being is because of those that haven’t yet seen you for what you are.

You see, when you post something that is truly magnificent or you give some kind of impassioned speech saying all the things a good ally should, you suck the unknowing in. You suck in those that want to be better. Those that want to learn. Those that are not as informed as they mistakenly think you are. Then, that leads to your lack of knowledge, your lack of interest and your lack of conviction permeating through their minds.

The impassioned words are your greatest lie. You learn just enough, you read just enough of your friends posts, you find just enough quotes to make yourself sound knowledgeable. You work hard at not actually learning anything. You work hard to maintain this facade and persona. You want to be held up and adored. This is the way you’ve chosen to get your “Fame.”

Those that are better versed in this can see you. They can smell you. Yes, you can fool many of us in the beginning but that will change. It’s not the well versed that concern me. It’s those that are new here. Those that want to be who they think you already are.

Part of your sick “Fashion” is to be the “Teacher.” You WANT people to ask you questions and see you as some form of superior. You want your answers to be the end all be all of the topic. You are never of the community but you speak on it with such authority. Such knowledge, yet when it is pointed out that you have said or done something wrong, when it is pointed out that you have overstepped your bounds, you continue as though you are entitled to do so. Those that you claim as your friends within said community are no longer of any importance. You are fully able to ignore them while still bringing in others who haven’t seen you for what you are yet.

You are a danger to each and every community you touch.

You show yourself as an educated ally but the education is false. The education is full of small snippets that someone else has posted but now you are regurgitating as if you read them from their original texts.

You are a danger. You are a bad person. You are evil. You deserve the wrath of all who see you for what you are. I have no sympathies for you.

re-blogged from:  racism school


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