How Should I Teach My Kids About Colorism?

He’s at that age: the in-between age referred to as the “Tween Years.”  The first big sign that we had arrived in those Tween years didn’t come from him, though; it came from his best friend.

“Mommy, D__ has a girlfriend!” he said.

“In 6th grade?” I replied incredulously as the wheels in my brain turned. Yeah, I guess that’s about right. The first “couple” in my school became a thing during the middle school years. Girls, especially, seem to develop quickly and get deep crushes during those years. Boys can be late bloomers (some 10th-11th  graders in my class are just starting to be what I call “hormones on legs!”)  All that flashes through my brain and I have to ask the inevitable question, “So….do you have  a girlfriend yet?”

A look of horror, like I’ve asked him to eat some sort of nasty rotten concoction, comes over his face, “NOOOOOO WAYYYYY!!!!”

That’s my baby. He may be blooming early in a lot of things (the need for deodorant, for example; when did my little boy get so funky?) but he is not feeling the pressure to fall in LUV yet, thank goodness. So far he’s all sports and video games. I ask him for details about D_____’s girlfriend, because I suppose that’s why he brought it up. I was interested in knowing how the class was dealing with this romance, and how the parents were dealing with a 6th grade romance. First, I wanted to find out if I know the girl. “So who is D__ going out with?”

“You remember, L___ from my toddler soccer team?” he says.

“Yeah! Wow! They’re a couple?!?” I am not sure that I approve of middle school romance due to the age of the kids, but this news really caught … Read more (click on image below)


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