Racial discrimination in the use of capital punishment

A particular problem with executions in the U.S., but probably in many other capital punishment countries as well, is racial discrimination. Whereas U.S. citizens from African-American descent make up only 12 or 13% of the population, they represent 34% of the executions:

justice and race in the us

The racial discrepancy is even larger when you look at the people on death row:

ethnic breakdown of prisoners on deathrow in the US 2009


The race of the murder victim also plays a role: a murder of a white person is more likely to result in capital punishment for the perpetrator.

race of homicide victims determines capital punishment


death penalty in the US


see more (re-blogged from):  http://filipspagnoli.wordpress.com/stats-on-human-rights/statistics-on-capital-punishment/#7


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