Racism’ and ‘racist’ are words used by liberals as all-purpose semantic bludgeons.  Proof of this is that the terms are never defined, and so can be used in wider or narrower senses depending on the polemical and ideological purposes at hand.  In common parlance ‘racism’ and ‘racist’  are pejoratives, indeed, terms of abuse.  This is why it is foolish for conservatives such as John Derbyshire to describe themselves as racists while attempting to attach some non-pejorative connotation to the term.  It can’t be done.  It would be a bit like describing oneself as as an asshole, ‘but in the very best sense of the term.’  ‘Yeah, I’m an asshole  and proud of it; we need more assholes; it’s a good thing to be.’  The word has no good senses, at least when applied to an entire human as opposed to an orifice thereof.  For words like ‘asshole,’ ‘child molester,’ and ‘racist’ semantic rehabilitation is simply not in the cards.  A conservative must never call himself a racist.  (And I don’t see how calling himself a racialist is any better.)  What he must do is attack ridiculous definitions of the term, defend reasonable ones, and show how he is not a racist when the term is reasonably defined.

Let’s run through some candidate definientia of ‘racism’:

1. The view that there are genetic or cultural differences between racial groups and that these differences have behavioral consequences. Read more

re-blogged from:  http://maverickphilosopher.typepad.com/maverick_philosopher/2012/05/on-the-word-racism-and-some-of-its-definitions.html


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