de Klerk: Only An Insane Apartheid President Would Defend Apartheid

Re-blogged from:  Only An Insane Apartheid President would Defend Apartheid 

Amazing how many white keep singing the song that apartheid was a heinous crime against humanity, how inhumane it was and how they didn’t support it. It also amazing how they become silent corroborators when apartheid villains like FW de Klerk goes on international public platforms not only to justify apartheid but to actually defend and glorify it. Sickening!

De Klerk proudly declared on CNN that Nelson Mandela was tried by a properly constituted court. Does that mean the 27 years he spent in jail was justified? Does that mean Mandela is nothing but a common criminal?

This moron claims apartheid was better for blacks. He forgets one little detail, we are free now! What was better when one could not exercise some of the most basic of human rights? When one could not acquire property, could not participate in the economy, could not even choose who to fall in love with?

This is a sickening culmination of the criminalisation of the black people’s fight against apartheid. The effort to criminalise our struggle for equal rights and opportunities started with trivial things like refusal to accept street name changes, banning of struggle songs and now we are told those who were tried by the regime under inhumane laws were properly tried! Sickening!

The apartheid villain that is de Klerk goes on to say apartheid wasn’t actually that bad but simply ‘separate equality’.

What a load of bull! De Klerk must then explain to me how my family lost huge tracts of land in the 1890’s when white settlers and missionaries moved inland from Durban. They didn’t buy the land from my great great grandfather. They forcibly moved him and his family to the most barren corner of his land and by 1976 the family had been moved to KwaNdengezi and packed in a couple of 4 roomed semi-detached house and paying rent every month.

Because of the negotiated settlement it meant my family could only claim for land forcibly taken after 1913 which was only 10% of the land originally in my family’s hands. And guess what we got back?  400 square metre piece of barren land lying under electricity pylons.

Some will argue it is the ANC government that grants land restitutions so they failed me. But the ANC government didn’t take our land in the first place. Primary responsibility still must rest with those who took it!

Where is the equality in that?

This apartheid denialism and now justification fuels anger among black people at the continued impact of apartheid and the continued beneficiation of many apartheid perpetrators and their offspring.

It is hard enough to have to reconcile only because white South Africans said they were sorry for apartheid even though nothing has been done to put black people …read  more


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