A Racists guide to Afrikan History

All the world is a white stage – Even though whites have never been more than a third of mankind, white history is what matters. Thousands of years of history in India, China, Africa and so on do not matter apart from their Colonial Period and Contributions to Mankind. But throw in a few token chapters so you can put “world” in your title.

“What went wrong” – cover this in the token chapters if you can do it without pointing a finger at white people. Do not forget to use the word “static”.

White Americans and Englishmen – position them as the good guys of history or at least as well-meaning. Take their words at face value. Do not question or frame their actions in any way that would make them appear backward, strange, savage or evil. Power corrupts – except for them

Passing of the Torch Doctrine – do not write about the history of a given piece of land or a given people, from beginning to end. Instead write about the History of Civilization: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, western Europe, America. Like that. Never mind that China and the Muslim world have been, even by Western standards, the most advanced civilizations for hundreds of years. Never mind that Anglos smacked down the Torch, sinking Britain into a dark age.

Technology – How to measure the true worth of a civilization. Compare its technology to how technology progressed in the West. Do not count anything that does not easily fit on that scale.

The three kinds of inventions:

  • invention – something invented by a white person. People of colour try to invent stuff but in their hands they are just playthings, precursors or do not work properly. It is not a true invention until a white person makes a few changes and takes credit.
  • contribution – something invented by a person of colour that white people learn how to do. Call it an “achievement” for added condescension. Or just leave it out: after all, white people could have invented it if… read more 

    Brilliant posting by Abagond 


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