We’re not over Overt Racism

“… And then there’s the overt racism of certain political leaders. Take this for instance:

Marilyn Davenport is responsible for circulating this example of overt racism. Ms. Davenport is an elected member of the of the Republican Party central committee of Orange County. The photo was circulated with the caption “Now you know why – no birth certificate!” Of course, she insists, it was just a joke, a defense I interpret as her way of making sure we know she thinks racism is hilarious.


And then there’s the controversy over the Stanford University mascot. From 1930-1972, the mascot was the “Indian” commonly caricatured as a small man with a very big nose. For 19 of the years that the “Indian” was the Stanford mascot, a man named Tim Williams (aka Prince Lightfoot) performed as the mascot in what Native Americans objected to as a parody of native religious rituals.

In February of 1972, 55 Native American students and staff at Stanford presented a petition to the University Ombudsperson urging that “the use of the Indian symbol be permanently discontinued”as a mockery of Indian cultures, and that the University “fulfill its promise to the students of its Native American


Program by improving and supporting the program and thereby making its promise to improve Native American education a reality.”

Good for them. In 1972, the Stanford Indian was retired.

But that’s ancient history, right?…”  Read more


Author:  Scot

Re-blogged from ChangeLab



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