Dear White People

“…I have decided to start the New Year with a letter to you all. It is a letter that implores you to wake up and smell Africa with a fresh white nose.

Before you get angry and defensive, think of this letter as a crash course survival kit for navigating a new reality, and please be assured that if you take heed of the call in this letter your life will change in miraculous ways. Once the blinkers are off the world is a much more colourful and celebratory place to engage in.


Let me begin by wholeheartedly apologising for what my ancestors did to the people of South Africa and inviting you to do the same. I reject their legacy as much as is possible and, as you already know, have made it a life mission to deconstruct the phallocentric white view of ”white as right” and the misguided precept that white is central to all reality.

I reject the discourse of white domination but I acknowledge that I was brought up in this construct. Though my single-mother household was never economically privileged we were privileged by virtue of our skin colour and my mother was given assistance by the state that a woman of colour was denied.

I call on white people to reflect on …”; Read more


3 responses to “Dear White People

  1. A matured society deals with their differences constructively. We have all lived together after liberation long enough to have a better understanding of one another. We have physically shared the same space/environments but have not all yet broke away from our mental prisons of our past, we constantly remind ourselves as black and white (quite irrelevant for me). We are all inhabitants of this planet, only the stupid narrow minds (I’m refering to any race) are pulling the collective progress backwards because of their selfish greed. Let’s raise our kids responsibly and stop ranting ugly comments about one another, the time has come for all races to live together. Humankind has made huge advancements, times have changed so much for us to recognize the potential and the need for us to work collectively. There are bigger challenges we need to sort collectively as a Rainbow Nation, so let us contribute constructively to our Great Country to educate our children and gradually start to eradicate poverty, it will be a great journey to share and embrace collectively as a nation without obssessing about being colour concious (for how long are gonna chew this black and white gum?)


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