The King That Was and the King That Wasn’t: Martin Luther King Jr. vs. capitalism, militarism and racism – then and now (Part 1 of 3)

United States Hypocrisy


  For anyone who’s been an avid viewer of U.S. television within the past two decades or so, it would likely seem impossible to imagine a time when most Americans offered anything less than absolute admiration and praise for the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. King easily is the most celebrated icon of the 1950’s-‘60’s Civil Rights Movement, and he’s been rightfully embraced as an American hero with an iconic status usually reserved for U.S. presidents. There is a national holiday bearing his name for the purpose of reflecting back on the life he lived and the lessons he taught. (*) It’s not all that rare to see ads run on corporate television praising the man and his vision, sometimes even notifying of a “MLK JR. Day Special Sale!” Most recently a large monument was erected on the U.S. Capital’s National Mall in honor of his memory. The…

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