Lessons of 2012

Lessons of 2012.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t know what I know, but here is some of what I learned in 2012:


1.Many people believe others have the right to control them
A lot of people don’t mind being told what to do by their families, friends, partners, society, government. How did they get to the point of giving up their right to life? Was it all the institutional programming? Was it the punishment for not doing as they were  told? Whatever the reason, like the senior citizens escaping from the oppressive old folks home in the film Cloud Atlas, it is never too late to break free. You don’t have to live according to someone else’s dictates. Be the source of your own decisions. Live free.

2.Many people believe they have the right to control others
You do not have the right to intrude on other people. If you are sincerely concerned for their welfare and believe you can help them in some way then try, but do so graciously and be aware that you have no right to force your philosophy onto someone else. However, read morehttp://menantum.wordpress.com/finding-my-way-or-the-personal-is-political/lessons-of-2012/


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