Malcolm X’s Grandson Alive And Well, Releases Statement: ‘They Drew Guns On My Mother And Me’ [VIDEO]

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On February 3rd, while sports — and Beyonce — lovers were distracted by the Super BowlDr. Randy Short began to spread the word via social media that  Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of transcendent human rights activist El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X), had been arrested by the FBI while en route to Iran to attend a Hollywoodism conference.

Now Shabazz has released a statement, posted to the Facebook page of former U.S. representative and activist Cynthia McKinney, detailing the events that led to his arrest and the inhumane way that he was treated by so-called officers of the law.

Read the full statement below:

I sincerely appreciate the care & concern of the People over my well-being after Press TV’s report of the most recent events which have transpired regarding the F.B.I.’s harassment of me.

Given the storm of lies, and…

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