Tremaine McMillian Becomes the Latest Victim of Racist Florida Juvenile “Justice” System at the Young Age of 14 (Memorial Day) [VIDEO]

United States Hypocrisy

mcmillianFor 14 year old Tremaine McMillian, Memorial Day of May 27, 2013 began just the same as it did for many other young kids his age in Miami-Dade County, spending the holiday with family and friends as they enjoyed a warm summer day on the beach. Unfortunately, what transpired shortly thereafter would put the young boy’s life and his entire future in jeopardy. It now lies in the hands of a notoriously racist Florida State Juvenile “Justice” System – a system which does not look kindly on the lives of young ones who get caught up in the system, especially those who happen to be Black.

tremaine-police-attackedIt all began shortly after 11:00 a.m., according to the Miami-Dade police, when Tremaine was supposedly seen pushing another kid into the sand. His sister who was present disputes this charge, however. Shortly afterward as Tremaine bottle-fed milk to his new puppy, Polo…

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