“Shit White Girls Say … to Black Girls”

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“Shit White Girls Say … to Black Girls” (2012) is a YouTube video by American blogger Chescaleigh, who calls it “basically my life story in 2 minutes.” Putting on a long blond wig she repeated the well-meaning but racist things (called microaggressions) that white girls have said to her:

  • Not to to be racist but…
  • Not to sound racist but…
  • Not to sound racist…
  • My grandma hates collards. Wait, is that racist?
  • Why isn’t there a White Entertainment Television?
  • The Jews were slaves, too. You don’t hear us complaining about it all the time.
  • Is it, like, bad to do blackface? Is that still, like, a thing?
  • You can say the n-word but I can’t? How is that okay?
  • My best friend was black. I mean she’s still black, but we’re not really friends anymore.
  • (Talking about her skin) Oh my god, I’m practically black! Twinsies!
  • I told you to stop borrowing my lotion!

The word “ghetto”:

  • Why is my computer acting so ghetto?
  • (While shopping) This is so ghetto.
  • (Showing a hand bag) Ghetto!
Black guys:
  • I’m not really into black guys, though.
  • So cute for a black guy, right?
All blacks look alike: Read More
Re-blogged from:  ABAGOND

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