Black racism is not a mirror image of white racism

“…Black racism is not a mirror image of white racism. It is not equal and opposite. Instead it is different in scale and kind…

 Even though the president is black, he cannot openly help blacks without being accused of racism.

  • Internalized racism: The racism among blacks is mostly directed against other blacks, especially against one’s self. Blacks are subject to much of the same racist brainwashing as whites, particularly through television and school. According to one test of racism (the IAT), 42% of blacks are racist in favour of whites!
  • Blacks understand whites way better than whites understand blacks:
    • Because they have to just to feed their families in a society that is mostly white.
    • Because they read white books, watch white television, receive white educations, work at white companies, etc. They have to deal with whites. Meantime whites can avoid dealing with blacks or having to take them seriously.

    This makes it hard for blacks to stereotype and dehumanize whites to a serious degree.

  • Blacks have not committed serious injustices that require racist whitewashing.
  • Blacks do not build their sense of self-worth on looking down on whites.
  • There is nothing like a black n-word for whites. So much so that most of the commenters on this blog who use racial slurs against whites are themselves white!
  • There is nothing like the black Klan. Some whites think the Black Panthers were like that, but they never went into white neighbourhoods to spread terror and lynch white people…”  Read original post on:..Abagond

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