What if blacks talked about black-on-white murder the way whites talk about slavery or Trayvon?

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“…And while we are at it, here are a few more, not modelled on slavery arguments, but on some of those made by whites in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case:

  • White American culture glorifies violence. Like all those Hollywood films about mobsters, cowboys and Dirty Harry. “Make my day!” Their history books too. Proof that violence and murder are acceptable in the white community. So why is black-on-white murder held up as this terrible thing in the white media? Why are blacks painted as the ones who are pathologically violent by nature? Whites need to look at themselves!
  • Whites do not protest white-on-white murder. So why the big deal about black-on-white murder?
  • Whites need to do something about their criminal element – if they want others to kill them less. They need to face up to the pathologies in their own community before they can expect others to see their worth as human beings.
  • Many black murderers are not pure black. So you cannot blame blacks for that!…”;  Read more 

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