Its Time to get UNPLUGGED

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...It doesn’t matter if you wear a cross, star of David, Ankh, Eye of Heru, or medallion of Africa. Whether you wear a tailored suit, traditional African clothing or Timberland boots with jeans and a hoodie. Whether your name is European or African. Whether you worship In a church, mosque, or temple.

Whether you follow Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Yahweh, Jehovah, Shiva or Shango. Whether you meditate, pray, chant, or visualize.Whether you are a vegan or carnivore.

You can burn incense, scented candles, get massages or bathe in exotic bath salts. Whether you jog, do yoga, lift weights, bike, hike, or swim. Whether you ski, surf, skate, or skateboard.

You might be straight gay, bisexual, transgender or transsexual. Male, female or androgynous. Perhaps you’re socialist, nationalist, feminist, integrationist, or pan African.  Conservative, liberal or radical. Middle class, working class or homeless. Perhaps you believe in conspiracies, think Tupac and Bruce Lee faked their deaths, believe you were abducted by aliens, were reincarnated, can communicate with animals and the deceased or can move objects without physically touching them…….


Our religion, sexuality, political ideology, faith system, style………are personal decisions that govern our person spheres. They are all bubbles that we live in, per se.


But no matter what bubble of belief or behavior we choose to reside in, a minority of people in this world ( helped along by our apathy, ignorance and cooperation) own the wealth, make and enforce the laws, declare wars, define “truth,” beauty, love, what’s legitimate, what you should buy, think, wear, eat, believe and obey. If you’re cool with this scenario, stay in your little bubble of personal interest and may the force be with you. But if you truly want to change things,,we will need to have compassionate hearts, flexible minds, and proactive spirits. We will need to push past rigid dogma, controlling and divisive mythologies, and cult-like thinking.

The revolution has already begun. Your first steps are to THINK FOR YOURSELF, SEEK TRUTH, and GET UNPLUGGED from ideas, people, or philosophies that deceive, manipulate and cause disharmony, destruction and confusion… Open …”;  Agyei Tyehimba


Agyei Tyehimba is a former NYC public schoolteacher, co-founder of KAPPA Middle School 215 in the Bronx, NY, and co-author of the Essence Bestselling book, Game Over: The Rise and Transformation of a Harlem Hustler, published in 2007 by Simon & Schuster. Agyei has appeared on C-SpanNY1 News, and most recently on the A&E documentary, The Mayor of Harlem: Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez.” Mr. Tyehimba is a professional consultant and public speaker providing political advice and direction for Black college student organizations, community activist groups, and nonprofit organizations. If you are interested in bringing Agyei to speak or provide consultation for your organization, please contact him at



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