The Fire Brigade is coming to Africa!


Author:  Andreas Schlüter 

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the pyromanic Fire Fighters

Check the countries with wars and crisis one by one, all full of Minerals and Oil!

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US AFRICOM, Fuck off:

But, it´s not only Africa, but also Middle East, South East Asia – and East Europe, where these “Fire Fighters” are active!

And in Germany socalled “Social Democrats” with Frank Walter Steinmeier (Frankensteinmeier) ahead are on the Train!


Please visit the Author’s website WiPoKuLi to read the original article!

AUTHOR:  Andreas Schlüter (above)


3 responses to “The Fire Brigade is coming to Africa!

  1. Thanks for reblogging! Only one Thing, my Blog is called: WiPoKuLi, maybe that can be repaired.
    Cordial regards


    • No need to thank me Sir, rather I should “thank you”! Your blog has quickly become one of my top 5 favourites, I cannot stay away. Brilliant. Courageous. Honest; and please do accept my apologies! Thank you for pointing it out, appreciated. I will repair immediately.


  2. Just left a reply on my blog because I forgot that I´ve given my thanks already here. Best regards


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