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The Bigot’z View of Black Livez Matter

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Author:  Moorbey

Black Lives Matter is comprised of a group of people who are tired of Black people being brutalized and killed by police. They organize to protest this treatment by exercising their first amendment right; freedom of assembly. Anyone who has a problem with that is mentally twisted.

The name “Black Lives Matter,” does not exclude or detract from other lives, it simply refers to the Black people who are the victims of police killings. Common sense says that all lives matter, people of every race, but Black ones in particular are being targeted by police. Anyone who cannot deduce this logic is intellectually slow-witted.

Anytime someone – mainly of the white persuasion – interprets Black Lives Matter and their purpose as negative, threatening, or menacing, they are basically allowing their racism to shine through. In all honesty, they cannot understand why Black people will not simply stand there and take the abuse without complaining about it.

They use terms such as “noncompliant,” “rebellious,” or even “anti-American,” because Blacks have the audacity to speak out when they are innocently shot down in the streets, beaten by a cop, or arrested for no reason. They believe that all Blacks are guilty to some extent and deserve whatever sentences the police dolls out. Well kiss all our Black asses.

No one in their right mind is going to stand by for long and take the type of brutal treatment of their own people at the hands of deranged and psychopathological ingrates. All men have the God-given right to speak up about brutality and by the nature of human behavior, will do so every time. Anyone who disagrees with that is apparently not human.

White folks today are showing the same indifference… Read full post on author’s website


Blank Eyes: Lifting The Veil Off White Guilt


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Author: Danielle Alheit

“… the refusal of accountability.

I wanted to apologize, I did. But I am living on stolen land.
I wanted to apologize, I did. But no reparations have been paid.
I wanted to apologize but I imagined that all of my ancestors were standing behind me. Still, like the statues of Rhodes and Van Riebeeck, without remorse.
Whites, we live in a state of delusion. The delusions of individualism – that we do not belong to a collective, that we are not a people, we represent ourselves only, we are a-contextual beings. The delusions of capitalism – that it’s not an ill-disguised racial hierarchy and poverty is to be blamed on the poor and so the well-off, by virtue of being well-off, are deserving of being well-off. I think that, when we are faced with reality, when we are presented with the edge of our psychosis, we become hysterical.

Delusions of capitalism – the well-off, by virtue of being well-off, are deserving of being well-off.

White guilt is a kind of hysteria, isn’t it? It is not about self-reflection. It is the refusal of accountability. It is a frantic denial. It’s like an “Out, damn’d spot! Out, I say!” kind of hysteria.
It is not productive – we are not actually trying to be productive.
We are not trying to relinquish our privilege. But, perhaps there is some forgotten corner of our collective unconscious that cannot un-see the blood on our hands. And so, we make donations to charity, we go green, we…”read full post on authors website –Apeirononline


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Author: Zoya Pon

“…Poverty is the poor’s fault, and it is their responsibility.


– 5 points if you’ve ever said either

Black-led movements rely on the power and decibels that privilege puts behind words.

Poverty is a global issue, it is not just the individual/group’s issue. This is because poverty does not just affect the poor, it affects you and I. And I don’t mean that feeling of guilt or sadness that sometimes creeps through the cracks in your car window when you see a barely clothed homeless person in rain and tell him ‘no, you don’t have any change’. I mean (h) the effects of poverty ripple, and have repercussions.

A simple example is economically. The less people participating in the economy, the more those who earn an income have to pay to make up for the lack of taxpayers compared to the population. Low levels of employment mean a weak economy. Basic economics: the less spending, the less money coming in. This affects everything from infrastructure to government provided health services and service delivery.

-10 marks if you thought #FeesMustFall is only for the poor/if you think poverty is not your problem.

How do you solve unemployment? You educate. Because low levels of education equals low employment rates. But what happens when the already economically disadvantaged are forced to not only fight against the preset obstacles of poverty by working for less than R12 an hour, to put their kids through school (and um, survive) but now also have to ensure their kids can compete in an already struggling job market?

Well, fuck, they have to go to university, to be qualified for the jobs that white people love to (i) highlight how unqualified black people are to have.

-5 points if you’ve ever assumed a black person in a high position is not qualified enough to hold it

Guess what though…read full article on author’s site


Blank Eyes: Lifting The Veil Off White Guilt


“We’ve met many times before actually…Do you just not see black guys?”
“What???” I said and he had to repeat it over and over again. Maybe I didn’t want to hear him. But I kept hearing “Do you just see with Blank Eyes?”. I kept hearing both questions at the same time and I couldn’t figure out which one was real and which one was in my head. I had to turn to my friend for clarity. “Black guys” she said. And he continued, “Maybe guys like us don’t exist to you, maybe….”

And I thought, those two questions, they’re synonymous. My people must have blank eyes. Like, mass murderer blank, like sociopath blank. We have to have blank eyes to just not see someone’s existence, right?

I opened my mouth to explain myself, to apologize, to try and lighten the moment, anything – “no, no, I’m so terrible with…

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